Thursday, October 21, 2010

H&M x Lavin

love this black h&m x lanvin black dress


It's about time to say bye to my sun dresses these few days with the sudden temperature drop.

With a big tummy like me...i am trying to hunt down any cute leggings..
here is my pick from nasty gal website. i like the silk blouse too, the legging reminded me of xmas!!

a recent must -have

tried this YSL" singular" mascara sample and total in love with my lashes!! i need to make a trip to holt and get gives my lashes a lot of volume, lengthening and hold the curve really well. Most importantly, they have my fav. color -PURPLE!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Furiture hunting

i like futuristic furniture...i am recently look for a ghost chair in toronto. Do u know where i can get it?

Le Rouge

(From Jack & Jill)

sometimes all you need to spice up your outfit is just a pair of Red Shoes! cute- this LV sandcal from Summer/Spring 2011

A real challenge

Are you a 6.5  months pregnant lady and refused to wear anything in maternity clothing store? YES, it's me. Don't get me wrong, i am proud to be a mom and i adore baby; Yet,  i just hate all those plain shirts with the biggest bangle on my waist. Pheww...
Looking at all the fashion magazines, blogs and  cat walk fashion shows with skinny girls, here is the real challenge for me to dress in style but also taken my growing tummy into consideration. How come there is no nice maternity clothing designers out there? Send it to me if you know any..

 Nevertheless, here are my pick for this fall which is comfortable for my belly yet tres chic:
Inspired by street fashion, i found a Sheer black dress  in my closet that still fit  me. I will post my version soon! stay tune....

Tony Wong

A lot of people perhap do not know who is he..
Check this out:
he is a clothes designer, as well as my best friend's elder brother. He own few stores in Vancouver and has been involved in a lot of crossover projects with a lot of brands in Asia. Just love all those japanese accessories and most importantly, he loves poka dots just like me!!

He is wearing his crazy graffiti shirt, poka dot bow tie and Commes des Garcons x H&M suit at Amy's wedding
His sense of humor is a charm!
Plus, that was me when i was 4 months pregnant =)

One of my most frequent browsed websites- Ssense is having a member sales for 20% off till Oct 20. ...My friend Raymond discovered if you have a US server to browse this website, most often you will get a slightly cheaper price. That's weird, huh?! it's a Canadian company!

I love this Lanvin dress....need to sleep earlier to live in the dream.

and these shoes By Rick Owen are just still durable for a very pregnant lady like me, what do you think?

Little Things that I love

Anthropologie is always my favourite store since University. They always has  the cutest accessories, wicked dress and amazing housewares. I still love my J tea cup, i feel classy whenever i sip the tea at work with that cup.LOL!!!  Just reading the latest little booklet they sent me, i love the necklace & the dresses. Perhaps i should check out the store at yorkville this weekend.

Love the sleeve,  perfect for work and nightout!!

I really like the NECKLACE.  i already have few outfits in my mind that matching with this