Saturday, November 27, 2010

Causal day

yes, a lot of my friends reminded me over and over again that i am a 8 month pregnant lady. I gotta stop shopping like a skinny woman. Indeed, i haven't shopped for myself for a while (well, lanvin x H&M doesn't count) i only do a lot of window shopping and imagine myself wearing  of the clothes IF i am not pregnant.  These days , i just want to wear 'sweat pant" and sweater everyday. ...I'm getting so inflexible!!

i want a chopped sweater and those kinda 'carrot looking" pants.....okay,fine i will substitute the wedge with a flat ... my mom hates those kinda pants though. what do u think?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Never tired of looking at leopard print...
love the combination of beige and green  leopard print


Nothing fits me today..

Few weeks ago, i spotted this sweater from H&M and didn't buy it. Now, i am soooooooo regret for not bring it home. <3 Poka Dots.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wo-oh-oh-oh, Santa is coming to town soon

Thinking about xmas and xmas shopping make me energetic. Not only this year my parents are coming back for me, but also my husband doesn't need to go on call on the xmas day. I don't recall how many years he has to work in the hospital during x'mas holiday. He finally doesn't have to take care of all those sick drunken kids or heart attacked elderly at emergency room. YAY.

Thinking to get all these for my xmas...

A bling bling clutch:
By Aldo Canada
And this navy blue cocktail statement ring

don't cha love the color?? By ASOS

Nerdy Thursday

Inspiration for work outfit-

Skinny Work pant, nerdy glasses, camerl cardigan, oxford flats.
I like the'll be perfect to carry my laptop and assignment when i want to go to Library for my CMA homework after work.

My husband said....  "do i want it?" or " do i need it?" He hate everything with leopard print! mew..i just like to go against his thoughts!

My Baby Boy


This is my new fav. store! They have awesome maternity style and the baby clothing.
It's time to plan some looks for my baby. I like cute little stuffs, yet most importantly i need him to look chic when i carry him.  Any inspiration??

I wish i am still working with Kim, i will have all the Cheap Monday on discount. I still remeber the time i was dancing cheap monday dresses, jeans and their shirts with Stephanie at the warehouse. Time flies.

Aren't they adorable?
where can i get a baby converse?? i want a pair of black one...

My 1st Maternity Dress, that will be a dress for my bank's xmas party. Love the bright yellow.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

h&m x Lanvin

What a lovely leopard print shoes!!

The gloves are just so cute

did you hear the PINK Dress is calling your name?? =P i love it in purple!

Pretty PR- Emily from H&M  She already own all those lanvin!! i'm so jealous

I LOVE this dress so much!!

This is definitely not my usual style,but it seems something that i will wear it for wedding or birthday dinner. 

Among 3 of the tees, i love this one the most.

my wish list- The pink statement necklace, Yellow dress, Single shoulder purple dress and the rose dress. I may want the leopard print shoes but i kinda doubt if it is comforty enough for me to walk around in the town.